7th World Conference

on Research Integrity

Cape Town, South Africa

29 May – 1 June 2022


Generous sponsorship is required in order to ensure the successful execution of the 7th WCRI, keep it affordable for professionals from a wide range of countries and organisations, and ensure maximum participation from African delegates.

The 7th WCRI welcomes sponsor contributions from organizations that have a demonstrated interest in promoting research integrity and whose values are consistent with the values of the conference and the WCRIF. 

We welcome offers of unconditional sponsorship and contributions earmarked for a particular purpose, e.g. travel grants, social programmes, delegate sponsorship, student grants, etc.

We also have a number of on-site exhibition and marketing opportunities available to introduce your organisation, product and/or services to attendees of WCRI 2022 if you so wish. 

Major Sponsorships: The Big Five

USD and Euro amounts for comparative purposes only. Based on exchange rates as at 10.02.2020.

Lion  –  ZAR 500,000 (USD 33,200 / € 30,350 )

The lion is symbolic of majesty, strength, courage and justice. Be one of the sponsors to be crowned King of the African Jungle.
Limited opportunities are available to claim this coveted spot. 

Elephant  –  ZAR 250,000 (USD 16,600 / € 15,150 )

Elephants have a positive symbolic meaning and are considered a symbol of good luck, power, success wisdom and experience.

Rhino  –  ZAR 100,000 (USD 6,630 / € 6,060 )

The rhinoceros is a powerful symbol of stamina, sturdiness, substance, strength, and resilience.

Leopard  –  ZAR 75,000 (USD 5,000 / € 4,550 )

Leopards are graceful hunters that symbolize elegance in spite of adversity and looming danger. They are great representations of warriors and hunters. It also symbolizes stealth and strength.

Buffalo  –  ZAR 50,000 (USD 3,320 / € 3,035 )

The buffalo is primarily a symbol of provision, abundance, and prosperity. They are also symbols of strength, stability, and consistency. 


Thank you to the following organisations for their generous support of the 7th World Conference on Research Integrity.


Thank you to the following organisations for their generous support of the 7th World Conference on Research Integrity.




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